June 12, 2014

YSAGS Garage Sale Clean up

Our Garage Sale was a great success! This was due to the participation of a lot of YSAGS volunteers and the skillful organization provided by Denis(Thanks Denis!). Of course we could not have had the sale without all the donations from YSAGS and Legion members and from many community residents.

Here are some pictures of our clean up after the sale.

The books are gone. Boxes of clothing that didn't sell are  packed and ready to go to various community business such as Good Neighbors and Salvation Army and others. Many empty cardboard boxes are flattened for recycling.

The big tarp is folded up.

The electronics table items are waiting to go for recycling. With the rapid changes in items like tvs and printers, a unit just a few years old is obsolete and nobody buys them.

Just about done!

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