June 19, 2014

July 1st Kid Kit Preps

Several YSAG members get together to construct Bird House, Bird Feeder and Tool Box Kits to be assembled July 1st - Canada Day by future seniors.

Thanks to Ken for the use of his garage and driveway  -  and to all the workers who provided their professional carpentry skills.  And also to the donut lady and to Barb for supplying us with coffee.

Time to get started here!

Work stations set up inside Kens garage.

Ed gets the drill-press job making the large holes.

The supervisor keeps tabs on the outside crew.

Guess what - Helen shows up with donuts.- she is more than welcome!

The small hole drilling station.

Finished prototypes and some of the assembly parts.

Another hole drilling station  -  Notice we are LICENSED to perform these functions.

The 'sawyers' looking after their end of the job.

Tasks completed - time for the clean up  --

--  Let's leave that up to Ken while we watch.

Ready for shipment to the packaging area..

A good time was had by all!!

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