June 2, 2014

Men's Walking Group

Another great walk - to the HUGE trees near the Koksilah River.  Weather a bit warmer than usual, probably because the trail was a bit tougher than usual.  A few (LOT) more ups and downs.

Parked the vehicles where it says "LETS GO`` on the right - on Renfrew Road at the top of Kapoor Hill.  As you can see we left a pretty squiggly track (in red).  The green traces are ATV trails.  At the end on the left is where we were down at the river (about 200 meters elevation). Our maximum elevation was about 290 meters.  A scenic, narrow, watch your step hiking trail.


Everybody smiling - but we just got started.

I don't think he got the whole tree in his picture.

About four guys to reach all the way around.

Hanging moss makes for ghostly images.

It's not only a long way around the trees - look way up.

Interesting regrowth in some of the old stumps.

He's not such a big guy after all.

Lots of these little whatever they are plants. 

Brilliant purples in the bottom of this tree trunk.

Koksilah river -looking upstream.

Leaves floating in mid-air.

Different looking moss patches in several places on some of these trees.

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