June 26, 2014

Men's Walking Group

Better late than never - my map and photos from our grueling bike trip to Lake Cowichan.  We complain a lot about the aches and pains but it was still great fun - just glad we are still able to do these things.  -  DeNNis.

We started at LePage Rd (the red box on the right) - the arrows show the route we took .  The trail to Lk Cowichan was quite smooth  -  different story from Lk Cowichan to Skutz Falls.  Lots of rocks sticking up through the trail making it difficult to enjoy the scenery.

Early in the ride - still looking quite perky.

Old logging train on the Museum grounds.

Had a look through the Museum - very interesting and educational.

The weir at Lake Cowichan - there is much concern about low water levels at this time.

"Old Dog Therapy" - This dog was having much difficulty with his hind legs but found swimming much easier than walking - he spent several minutes just enjoying the water while we chattted with his master.

One of the carvings at the Forest Workers Memorial Park depicting the logging operations - a site worth visiting.

Time to go have lunch -

Across the bridge -

- to the park where we enjoyed sitting in the shade to eat.

On the way back we crossed three trestles.  This is the second and largest, the Holt Trestle.  It was here where we got pictures of a river otter feeding back in April of 2009 when we did our previous bike trip up this way.

A couple of panoramic shots taken at Skutz Falls - the upper one showing the fish ladder system.

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