June 17, 2014

Men's walking group

Hi Gang I'm sorry I could not walk with you on Monday but it sounds like it went well. Thanks for the pictures 2NN's, It amazes me whenever I'm not there. you do so many kilometer 10 k ???? ha Well next Monday we had mentioned for our bike ride. So you and me had better get those bikes outand oil the chains because it looks like good weather so its on. We gather at the Legion at 8:30 put our bikes in the trucks and off to the other side of Duncan, get on the old rail path and try to make it to Cowichan Lake and back, We will stop around noon and have our lunch that we will bring with us [hopfully in Cowichan Lake] getting back by 3 or 4. If you need a bike or any question please phone me 743-3107 Tks,

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