March 15, 2014

Photography Group

Hello All,
Below are 2 images, the first is the original and then an edited version. A lot more editing could be done but this was a less then 2 minute effort in Picasa.
Unedited image

Edited in Picasa

Two weeks ago in photography we talked about composition, leading lines, rule of thirds and other considerations to produce an image that is pleasing to the eye, has impact and stands out from the flood of photographs that digital cameras give us. NOTE: I did not include the attachments in this post, but check your emails. In this email are 2 attachments. Your homework assignment is to edit these images to make them better and give them somewhat of a WOW factor. You will need to install them into your favourite editing program(Picasa, Windows Photo Gallery or something else). We can talk about what good editing programs are out there, either free or purchased.
There is a lot of information out there about how to photograph birds. Here is a link to one of the sites:
We will get back to the technical stuff about cameras later, but the above is the fun stuff. We can maybe plan a field trip for April 1 weather permitting using all the great tricks we will learn from the above about shooting birds.


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