March 31, 2014

Men's Walking Group

Map and photos from todays walk along Galloping Goose Trail and detour to see carvings and such on Hepworth Rd.  Another perfect day for a stroll through the countryside.  -  DeNNis.

Parked our cars where the Galloping Goose Trail crosses Renfrew Rd.(Red box at left). Walked down to McGee Creek Trestle (Blue flag on right), then down across Shawnigan Lk Rd to view the carvings on Hepworth Rd (red box on right), then back through Shawnigan Lk Provincial Park and back up to the Goose to return to our vehicles.  GPS said 11.6Km.

On McGee Creek Trestle. Notice the moss on the top of the upright post -

 - A little bit of Natures Art Work.

Looking downstream from the trestle.

What have we here?  Strays from the Womens Walking Group - waiting for the rest.

Thanks for taking the photo, Margaret.  Got the whole "Bakers dozen".

Another - in a tree.
One of several carvings on Hepworth Rd. This one on the roof.

Quite a collection of carvings and antiques.

Probably expensive for this gas because the parking meter is probably going while filling up.

Looking across the lake from Shawnigan Lake Provincial Park.

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