March 3, 2014

Men's Walking Group

My map and photos from todays Wilkinson Rd walk.  Back to good weather (Spring is in the air) and of course the usual good company.  -  DeNNis.

I flipped this map so that North is to the right. Started and finished as usual behind Kerry Park Arena (Red flag near bottom-left).  Follow the red arrows on the yellow brick road.  My program is putting in Red Boxes instead of Flags for Waypoints.

Looking downstream from the little bridge over Shawnigan Creek.  Lots of water.

We did have to traipse through a bit of snow.

A bit of light fog in some areas - perfect day for walking.

The "CANINE CHORAL GROUP".  Should have had a recorder going.  Sounded like a huge pack of wolves.

Lots of snow in some of the fields yet.

BUT - the snowdrops are just about ready to open!



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