March 19, 2014

Men's Walking Group

A couple days tardy - but here are my maps-photos from our Brentwood walk on Monday 17th.
Between the two maps it should give a fair idea of  our route.  From the ferry we turned right onto Brentwood Drive and did a huge figure 8.  We had to go quite a distance up Stellys Crossroad so we could cut through the Stellys High School grounds back over to Wallace Drive to get to our favourite watering hole, the Bleue Coyote Grill. Map number two snuck down to the bottom.

Here comes the Ferry.

The old Bamberton Site as seen from the ferry.

Thought I should throw in a little wake from the ferry.

Tons of boats in the various areas of the Brentwoood Bay area.

Some residents Camilia in full bloom.

Room for a pair of Mallards amongst the boats.

The original Brentwood College Chapel.

Yes - the wild life was real.  The same cannot be said about the rockwork behind him - it was a type of fibreglass.

AT LAST!!  It's lunch time.
OOPS!!  This map has a mind of it's own - keeps moving around on me.  As usual follow the red arrowheads on the yellow-brick-road.

As you can see, it was certainly welcomed and enjoyed by all.

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