September 1, 2013

YSAGS Computer group

Hello All,

So it is back to our regular schedule(It seems we were never not on our regular schedule!).
1) I get regular newsletters from a site called CNET Community hosted by Lee Koo. People send him pertinent computer questions which are posted in the newsletter and readers are encouraged to reply with answers and their thoughts.
A reader asked the question: "Help me decide - Do I buy a PC or a Mac? Which seemed very appropriate for our group right now.
There are the usual responses for and against on either side of the issue, but there also are some very thoughtful in depth replies that I think really let us make an informed choice.
2) We will have updates of our activities. I will present a proposal to the YSAGS Directors in the afternoon about our planned Basic Computer Training class, hopefully to start on Wednesday.
3) Please come with your questions, problems and your thoughts about where we should go with our computer group. The group is for all of us and I need input from all of you.

N.B.: I just tried those 2 links in this post  and they just don't work for me.
Here is a SnipIt of part of it.

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