September 23, 2013

Men's walking group

Hi All
Well we had a great bike ride today, Nine of us left the Legion at 8:30 putting our bikes in Ken's truck & John's van {Tks guys for driving} then headed down the road towards Victoria parking at the Galloping Goose near the 6 mile pub{no it wasn't open ha}. WE started off in a little rain but it soon stopped and the remainder of our ride was great. We met 3 other walkeres who drove down to meet us and we all had our lunch in the Vic West park near the south end of foot bridge that goes across the Gorge Selkerk Trestle.After that we headed back to our start point. I think we did 27 kms, great day. Next week we will do a local walk up Mt Baldy Rd, Tks.

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