September 29, 2013

Computer/Photography Group

Hello All,
Computers: For our computer session on Oct 1, I will talk about a new program I am testing called 'DoNot Track Me(DNTme). It is a little application that works in the background in your browser and blocks all the tracking when you are visiting websites. It is amazing how much anonymous information is sent to advertisers that we are not aware of. It explains a lot about why we get advertising popping up.
On Tuesday evening there is a YSAGS Dinner so we may have some activities going around us during our meeting.
Bring your computer questions to the meeting and let's all collectively answer them.
Photography: Last Tuesday we photographers did a field trip to Bright Angel Park. It was a beautiful morning and we really enjoyed the outing. Unfortunately the mushrooms that I expected just were not there and the few we saw had been destroyed. Well, we used up so much energy that we needed a coffee and food replenishment at the Double Barrel coffee shop at Whippletree Junction.
Here are 2 images of some very non-edible fungi.


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