September 2, 2013

men's walking group

 Okay which one's the scarecrow? lol
You all did a great job setting up the display this morning. Thanks very much.
That was a great walk today I thought, It took us a couple of hours but hey we did 8.9 kms and when we round that off making room for error we did 10 kms .
Well for the next couple of weeks you can do some local walks or whatever you like, I will be laying on the beach up in Campble River. ha
For those who may not have been walking with the group the last while. we are planning our anual bike ride on the 23rd of Sept, riding from the parking spot near the 6 mile to downtown and back. Taking our lunch with us eating near the Vic West park.  Meet at regular time at the Legion 8.30 with your bike, we have transportaion ready to go. Tks C.U. Then
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