December 5, 2010

YSAG Computer/Photography Group

At our next meeting, December 7, 2010 the emphasis will be on Photography.
Bring your cameras and the Manual.
Let's discuss the special icons shown on our cameras such as Portrait, Landscape, Sports, etc.  Each camera is a bit different but each will have about 5 or 6 settings you can choose from.  These are settings that allow you to shoot in "Automatic" meaning the camera decides what it thinks is best as far as shutter speed, aperture, ISO and white baleance is concerned, plus others.  This takes care of all the technical stuff and it is remarkable how good an image is produced.  Sometimes it is better than anything you could have done going manual and putting your settings in.
So, this is great isn't it.  Yes, but....sometimes it is nice to shoot manual, isn't it?  Anyway the least we should do is learn and know what that camera is doing for you.  Here is the plan.  Let;s consider each setting and try to determine what that fancy digital gadget is actually doing in there.
 Other stuff:  Some interesting sites: Sophies Photo: Check it out
A site I have been following with lots of good photo advice, Digital Photograpy School:
A weekly competion at this site:  This is called "Signs". 
Also on this site: 11 Surefire Landscape Photography Tips.
 And finally a picture taken at the Old Mill Park to make this email interesting.

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