November 6, 2010

Computer/Photography Grp

Hello YSAGers

Here is what I am proposing for our next meeting with the emphasis on Photography.
Any specific computer questions or concerns are of course fair game.
How do we make it rain on our photographs using GIMP? See the attached files. (The posts in the picture were treated, they stayed dry!)
We will learn the magic touch by following this tutorial:
Also,we will continue discussion on ISO/Shutter speed/Aperture. I think a quick review appropriate and then have a look at how the following ties in.
Focal Length
Depth of Field
Circle of Confusion (I like this one)
I owe Herb L. a big Thank you! I was playing around with our Blog settings and all of a sudden it disappeared from the internet. I sent Herb an urgent SOS and in no time we were back in business. I'll explain on Tuesday.

It is raining heavily!

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