November 11, 2010

Computer/Photography Group

Hello Computer people,
Here is the agenda for our Computer/Photography meeting on November 16, 2010.  As you can see, the theme is more on computer concerns.
1) Our Blog For this session, let's  review where we are with our Blog and all the peripheral programs to make the blog work for us. We will start with our Gmail account, Picasa (on our own computers and the Web album).  If you have ideas of changes to the Blog to make it more useful and interesting to other YSAGs members, let's explore that.
2) Games and Timewasters  I think we all occasionally play games or spend relaxing time on the computer.  We will look at what our Windows software has to offer such as Solitaire, FreeCell, MineSweeper and others.  If you go on the internet there are hundreds of game sites.  Some places I like to check on are: Soduko, Crosswords, Griddlers and Kindle for reading.
3)  Ask Leo  I checked out Leo's answer on his take on peer to peer sites such as Limewire and others like it, and the implications and problems you can run into if you are using these.  Also, what information does our ISP such as Shaw or Telus have about us and should we be concerned.

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