February 3, 2020

Men's Walking Group

Ten of us took advantage of the crisp clear morning for a walk of about 8 Km through Mill Springs onto a new trail Brook found which could take us to Rat Lake if we had more time.  We eventually turned back so we could enjoy a coffee at Tim Hortons.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Started by Tim Hortons (top left) and did a counter-clockwise loop (to bottom right) with a bit of back tracking at each end.  If we had gone right on the logging road we would have gotten onto the Bamberton-Haul road and could have carried on to Rat Lake. 

 On to the trail to Mill Springs, Just beyond the
Mill Bay water office.  Some ups and downs
along this trail.

Looking down the hillside to a couple of slower walkers.

Quite a steep hill and a sharp left turn to where the leaders were.

A little further along we found this  --

-- another of those mysterious rocks.

Into the Mill Springs neighbourhood.

Some of Mother Natures art creates a few slippery spots along the way.

Had to take a shot of this photogenic tree along the way.

Behind Mill Springs we found this
tree with Hobbit Doors

The top of the latest phase of Mill Springs.  Looks like
recycle day here.

Brook told us this trail should be high and dry.  We followed this
until we hit a logging road which would have taken us to the
Bamberton-Haul Road.  There we turned back to Mill Springs.

 Is this a "Pipe Dream"??

The road to the right leads to the Mill Springs water tower.
We went down to the left through Mill Springs.

Lots of water in places.  This had a skim of ice.on it.

Mill Springs settling pond.  The left side is not
the sunny side and appears frosty.  The right side
is in the sun and is nice and green.

You could wait a long time for a bus here.
Someones idea of humour.

A huge Monkey tree as you exit Mill Springs
back on to Deloume Road.

The Mill Bay Water Office on Deloume Road.

Time for a hot cup of Tim Hortons coffee.  We had our brisk exercise for the day.


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