February 17, 2020

Men's Walking Group

Ten of us walked and climbed about 7 Km or more today when we visited the Swan Lake Sanctuary and the Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary in Saanich.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Parked the cars on Rainbow St off McKenzie Ave (center of map).  Started our walk in Swan Hill Nature Park and then across McKenzie Ave and up Christmas Hill for some fantastic 360 degree views of the surrounding countryside.

Looks like part of the Victoria rental bike system.

We enter Swan Lake Park.

Out onto the first viewing ramp.

A few ducks in the water.

Looking over to the ramp crossing over Swan Lake.

More ducks -- some swimming --

-- some eating.

Looking up at the interpretive center which happened to be
closed today because of the holiday.

Many bridges over the water.

Families of all types in the park area.

Checking out the view from the bridge.

The bridge takes us across to the other side of the lake.

A bit chilly  --  that is ice around the grass and weeds.

More little bridges.

Frost on the grasses.

This viewing platform was blocked off  -- because of the
slippery surface??

This park makes for an interesting walk.

This large branch is growing out of the tree to the right of the picture.

The Lochside Regional trail runs alongside
Swan Lake Park.

Looking across Swan Lake.

Quite a few geese in the park area as well.

The water makes a good preening mirror.

A lonely old tree.

Anyone interested in a well used Edsel.

A good "eagle tree".

Across McKenzie Ave and up the trail to Christmas Hill.

We haven't really started to climb yet.

Looks pretty insignificant from here.

Somebody is watching us from the bushes.

Quite a climb up here.  Some one in years past put a lot of
work into this trail.

On top of the world.  Well, a great view anyway.

Looking northeast from Christmas Hill.

That white dome near the top of the hill is the Observatory

Another view looking down at the housing.

Spotted a bunch of these guys heading up as we were coming

This tree has a really twisted

Finished off our walk with a delicious lunch at the Monkey Tree Pub.

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