January 27, 2020

Men's Walking Group

Twelve members of our walking group got together today and did about 6 Km along the Bob-O-Link Trail.  No rain - in fact there was some blue sky showing through the clouds.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Map from Oct. 2019.  Same route except final stretch down Shawnigan-Mill Bay Rd.

Reserved parking only for Bartender??  What
about the President?

Off we go, up through "Cairn Park" past the playground.

On Wilmot Rd. sign says Gibsons Park.

On to Bob-O-Link Trail near
the end of Treit Road.

Necklace hanging from tree branch.

Large water tower for some of Shawnigan area.  Question about
rock wall below house?  Looks the same as in August 2019.

Tree house over wood storage is
still there.

Not a super level trail.

Lots of roots and a bit of climbing.

We come off the Bob-O-Link trail on Elford.

Across from the Cowichan Cricket Field.
This last Mondays walking group.

In need of a tow truck??

A pleasant looking stream.

A little further down across the street.

CVRD Wharf.

Lots of colour reflecting from the sky.

More reflections.

And more.  It's amazing what a bit of sunshine can do.

A panoramic shot from the CVRD Wharf.

Part of the new trail along the old E&N tracks.

Shawnigan Museum.

A new painting at the Shawnigan Coffee House?

Sat outside for our coffee stop today - it was reasonably pleasant.

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