February 10, 2020

Men's Walking Group

Eight of us decided to walk down behind the Legion, since it has been a while since we did so.  We covered about 8 Km and the weather was pleasantly mild for a change.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

We started at the Legion (bottom near center), down to the Bamberton-Haul Road on the left-most trace and from there to the big tires and pond.  Then we retraced our path to the right of the map where we visited with "Big Red", the horse and back up to the Legion.

Monday morning appliance shopping at the recycle bin by
the Legion.

Back through the Legion property to the trail going down
to the Bamberton-Haul Road.

Looking back towards the Legion.

Fortunately there were foot bridges across the wet spots.

Someone beat us and left some tree ornaments.

We always have to check out this ever changing stump
for any new bits of wisdom.

Always some good advice here.

Old mountain bike stunt
ride paths.


Onto the Bamberton-Haul Road.

The "teepee frame" is still there.

Looking way up!

Heading up past the big tires towards the old gravel pit.

Last time we scared a bunch of ducks up out of this pond.

The gravel and rock pit has been closed for several years.

You have to be nimble to get over this barrier.

A huge old tank left behind.

And some old equipment.

Back down to the Bamberton-Haul Road.

Our next stop is to visit "Big Red" the horse.  I think he was
expecting a treat or two.

Found one of those mysterious painted rocks on the way back
to the Legion.  They sure are cutesy!

After getting back to the Legion we had to head up to the
Shawnigan Coffee House for our "Monday coffee fix".

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