December 2, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Nine of us ventured out down behind the Legion for about a 7 Km walk along Bamberton-Haul Road.  The weather was okay for the duration and we finished off with coffee at the Shawnigan Coffee House.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Parked at the Legion.  Did a clockwise loop from behind the Legion down  Bamberton-Haul Rd and retraced our path part way back as shown.  Then on down to where the horses were and back to the Legion on a different path.

The sign at the Legion.

Looking over to the Legion from the far side of the clearcut.

Seen in passing.

A bridge over soggy water.

More decorations.

This stump has an ever-changing array of stones with
cute sayings.

Part of some very old "mountain bike challenges."

More of the same.

Quite an interesting trail.

Down under the power-line onto Bamberton-Haul road.

Some of the group just going onto Bamberton-Haul road.

An old teepee frame marks the
spot where we head up to where
there used to be some huge tires.

Up past a couple of the tires.

Ice covering some puddles here.

A strange sight just behind where the old tires lay.  a viewing
platform with some old life vests on a small algae covered pond.
Scared up a few ducks feeding here.

Met this guy along the way. He
made the tool he is carrying
which he uses to make trails.
He has created quite a few of
the trails we use.

"Big Red."

And his buddies.

Brook knew he would like some carrots.

Strange place for this sign.

This Christmas tree has seen better days.
There should be photos of it some where
in the archives.

Shopping for car parts.

Woodpecker restaurant.

What is that down by the left corner post of the Legion entrance??

Well! Bless my soul - another mystery rock.

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