December 9, 2019

Men's Walking Group

The weather held for us once again.  A great day for a walk overlooking Mill Bay waterfront.  Eleven of us did about 8 Km along Partridge, Seaview, Bay, Noowick  and Frayne roads before heading back to Tim Hortons for our beveridge break.  Map and photos below.  -  DeNNis.

Parked by Tim Hortons.  Across the Highway, through Mill Bay Center to Mill Bay Road.  Up Partridge to the path over to Seaview, then down Bay to Mill Bay Rd in a clockwise loop back along Huckleberry, Nooowick and Ligget to Partridge Rd where we retraced our route back to Deloume Rd and up to Tim Hortons.

Looking up Partridge Road from Mill Bay Rd.

Had to stop and investigate something along Partridge Rd.

Onto the path over to Seaview Rd.

Mt. Baker in Washington state is barely visible under the
black overcast.

No, they are not real.  But the only critters we saw other than
a dog or two on a leash.

Must be recycle day on Noowick road.

Newly cleared property on the corner of Noowick and Ligget
roads being readied for development??

But look at the view they will get when the weather is clear.

Imagine the chicken crossing the road to get to the other side.

Does that sign mean you can't sit and enjoy the view from here??

The payphone booth at Deer Park Lodge.

Back along the path from Seaview to Partridge Road.

Just below Thrifty Foods we passed this
telephone pole and looked back.  What
should we see there??

Well  --  there was another of those
mysterious painted rocks!!

Thought we were seeing things, so decided it was time for a coffee.

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