December 16, 2019

Men's Walking Group

Eleven of us walked today about 8 Km in the misty weather around the Cobble Hill area before meeting five others for lunch at the Cobblestone Pub.  A merry time was had by all.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Parked in the lot by the Off-leash dog park in Cobble Hill.  Did a wiggly clockwise loop around the Cobble Hill area before stopping at the Cobble Hill Pub for lunch then back to the cars.

The first thing we saw was this
bear warning sign at the dog park.

Looking over the E&N tracks to Coble Hill Village.

We thought we should walk on the horse riding trail
alongside Cobble Hill Road - but had to watch where we stepped.

The horses at Alpine Stables were happy to get the carrots and apples.

There were a few of these old carriage
wheels around the fenced area.

Brook had lots of goodies.

Something white stuck in the spokes of this wheel.

Guess what -- another of those
mysterious rocks!!

Of course the guys across the street were curious as to what
was going on.

From Alpine Stables we took another short trail down to
the playground area --

--  where Ed showed us how to use the
"chin-up" rings.

Had to get a shot of some of the area decorations.

Then down through the Ecole Cobble Hill grounds.

Through the "Enchanted Forest".

Where some trees grow funny.

And look like they are about to close
you in.

Used to take pictures of this stick fence years ago.  Now
it looks like it is ready to fall apart.

More tree decorations.

Enjoying what is left of the green grass.

Tropical looking yard, but the weather is not tropical.

Looks like a "Biker Neighborhood".

Trespassing on a path that is closed due to some work being
done --  but almost at the Pub.

At last  --  We can almost smell lunch.

So many of us there, had to take pictures from both ends of
the table.

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