September 3, 2018

Men's Walking Group

A little cooler today.  Nice day for 9 of us to stroll down through Mill Bay Center then up Partridge Rd and through the Mill Springs area.  A 7 Km. trek.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

NORTH is top left corner.  GPS took a ways to cut in and then batteries died conveniently as we finished.  Follow the yellow dotted trace clockwise from where we parked the cars (top left) back to Tim Hortons where we had our coffee.

Large house on Seaview Rd at the top of a steep driveway.
Beautiful views obviously.

The street is named Seaview for a reason.

Looks like a good crop of apples.

Probably one of the last telephone booths
in the Cowichan Valley at Deer Lodge.

Sirens just before we crossed at Frayne Rd intersection. 
Two ambulances transferring a patent for Victoria.  Our assumption.

A huge ant hill at the top of Partridge Rd.
Crawling with large Red ants.

Businesses at Frayne Rd intersection.

Lots of apples for the taking.  "This one looks edible."

Quite a few pleasant paths around the Mill Springs area.

Hard to make out - a prop holding up the branch from which
the bird seed platform is hanging.

A very unique tree trunk.  Would make a good bench if it was
a little lower.

However, one of the YOUNGER "TEENIORS" managed to get onto it.

From the other side.

Some pretty steep trails in areas.

This one has quite a slope.

Another tree growing from a

A pleasant stroll in the sunshine.

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