April 23, 2018

Men"s Walking Group

Beautiful, warm, sunny day today.   The plan is to check out the work of some beaver activity down behind the Legion which we spotted a couple weeks ago.  No change there, but still a pleasant 7Km walk down Bamberton-Haul Rd.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Walked from the Legion down to the Bamberton-Haul Rd and back part way in both directions through the bush.  The photos show the rest of the story.

A few of these along the way.

Still pretty damp in places.

Old mountain bike platforms slowly deteriorating. 

Reflections - in the rainfall remains.

Looking back from whence we came and will return.

Old bridge footings where Bamberton-Haul Rd crossed
Shawnigan Creek.  This is where we turn to go back.

Another nature garden.

A good year for Skunk Cabbage.

Looking up from under the hydro tower.

The horse always appreciates some nice
green grass.

So why is there a gate??

The old rickety bridge.

As good a place as any to hang out.

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