April 21, 2018

Line Dancing


 Country and Western line dancing classes are one of the initial activities introduced when Y.S.A.G. was formed in 1988 and are held at the Legion every Wed. morning from 0930 to 1130 AM.
The first fifty minutes of our class are devoted to the less experienced (BEGINNER) dancers
with dances that have easier dance steps and in most cases slower music.For the remaining time, we move up to the INTERMEDIATE level where the dances have a greater number of steps and are more complicated and danced to faster music.

Line Dance Instructor is Kate Pattenden

The different types of dances we do are basic country & western, cha cha, mambo and waltz
Line Dancing is taught and performed all over the world and has been included as a Y.S.A.G. activity because of the following proven benefits.

  1. It is age-friendly done by people 9 yrs. to 90 yrs. young;

  1. It is a fun and very social activity;

  1. It is an activity that provides mind and body enhancement and demands that ones mind and body communicate and work together;

  1. It has been proven that Line Dancing aids in weight loss, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels, strengthens muscles & bones improves posture and balance and instills confidence.

For more information on Line Dance classes please contact Ray Bootland at (250) 743-1274

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