August 29, 2017

Men's Walking Group

A testy 5Km trek for the 10 of us around Stony Hill Park.  A great new walk for the group suggested by Derek with fantastic ocean views, a great lunch at the Genoa Bay Café with an interesting and informative finish at the Historic Old Mill house.  Too many photos to publish them all.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis

Took Stoney Hill Rd from Genoa Bay Rd as shown.  Red circled area are viewpoints.

Off we go.  Nice trail for parts of the walk.
Some ups and downs and narrow areas.

Why they call Vancouver Island the "Rock".

Lots of wonderful views.

Looking South with Olympic Mountains in the Distance

Various viewpoints along the way.

Enjoying the scenery.

Large rock hung up between
two others.

Steep cliffs overlooking the water.

Saltspring Island across Sansum Narrows

A small part of the Genoa Bay marina.

A few of the boat houses - not for your average small boat.

Genoa Bay Café.


Rick choosing his utensils.

Spotted in the garden of the old Mill House. 

This square grand piano is in the old Mill house -

- along with many antiques too numerous to mention.

Interesting story on why/how this boat hull is on the ceiling?

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