August 14, 2017

Men's Walking Group

Good hiking weather today.  A little cooler but no rain in sight.  We ventured out to the Kinsol Trestle today and up the Koksilah River a little ways before swinging back down another trail back to the Galloping Goose.  Here are my pics from today plus 3 from the archives. -- DeNNis.

The 11 of us trekked 7Km around the Kinsol trestle and Koksilah river trail. Next walk will be during the Solar Eclipse, looking for a open trail, not in the trees. -- Brook

Parked at Kinsol trestle parking lot (right), walked up trail across trestle and down under to trail along Koksilah river as explained above.  Stopped on the way home to check out Shawnigan Pavilion progress before coffee at Shawnigan Coffee House.

Focus not good - but you get the message.

On to the Kinsol Trestle.

Natural Gas pipeline across
Koksilah upstream of the

Downstream side of trestle.

Ken braves the log bridge.
Single file trail here.

A dozen-1 walked today.

Information shelter.

On the way back.

Shawnigan Pavilion materials.

Artists vision of Shawniagan Pavilion.

Kinsol trestle prior to renovation.

Early in renovation.

Renovation in progress.

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