August 21, 2017

Men's Walking Group

Nice sunny day.  Perfect for Eclipse watching.  A bit of a disappointment though - not what we expected.  Good walk anyway with good company.  Photos of our walk below.  --  DeNNis.

Parked cars where Galloping Goose trail crosses Renfrew Rd (top left).  Walked 3 to 4 Km down trail then up logging road a bit to view eclipse (bottom right).  Found eclipse to be somewhat disappointing.  Expected more darkness but mostly just noticed a drop in temperature.

Down the trail - lots of blue sky.

"What's all the fuss up on the
trail ?"

Not much in flowers.

Thistles gone to seed.

What ever this is it certainly adds some colour.

Obviously the site of a deer conference.

Big fishing catch??

Tall trees??


What's left of the rotted tree
stump in the background.

Ken checking the progress of the eclipse through his welding
goggles.  They worked reasonably well for viewing.

What is Larrys comment?

Shadows on the trail.

More shadows.

The watchers.

"Chem trails from passing aircraft.

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