June 26, 2017

Men's Walking Group

An easy 7Km walk for the 5 of us along the shore of Duke Point.  Lunch at the old favorite Crow & Gate Pub.  ---  Brook

A great day for a walk at Duke and Jack Point along the water where it should be a bit cooler.  Too many pics to show them all.  Here is a sampling.  ---  DeNNis.

Parking lot at bottom right.  Through the tunnel to the path.  A couple sets of stairs along the way.
About a 1 Km loop at the end for a good view of the Jack Point light, and back along the water.

The city of Nanaimo across the water.  Notice the tide is in.

This old carving is holding up well.

First set of stairs. 

Faux petroglyph.

Mother Nature playing with
the trees.

Lots of neat "waterworks art" in the rocks.

More stairs.

One of the smaller island ferries.

Lovely views - always changing.

Jack Point light.

Duke Point Ferry dock.  The ferry left a few minutes before we
got down to this point.

Down the long staircase on the way back.

Lots of great views.

Notice the tide is going out now.

Huge mushrooms.

Back through the tunnel to the parking lot.

Nothing beats a good lunch at the "Crow and Gate".

Also, it is very well turned out.

What is this plant?

And this one??

This bird???

And these flowers?

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