June 5, 2017

Men's Walking Group

The 9 of us walked just over 8Km which seemed like it was all up hill.  Followed coffee or lemonade at the Shawnigan House to cool down. --  Brook

Nice summer day for a walk down to Whiskey Point and Mill Bay Park beaches.  The change in the weather makes all the difference in the world.  Soon we will be complaining about the heat instead of the rain.  --  DeNNis.

My map is somewhat incomplete due to battery problems with my GPS.  We started at the Petrocan (top left - across the highway from where the trace starts).  Walked down to Whiskey Point then over to Mill Bay park beach (where the new batteries died).  We retraced the same route back to the vehicles.

The Catholic Church on Kilmalu Rd.

Lots of Nootka roses in bloom everywhere.

Down the stairway to Whiskey Point beach.

Brentwood College from Whiskey Point.

Lots of boats tied up.

This little guy left as we watched from Whiskey Pt beach.

A small piece of driftwood.

Daisies in abundance.

Not sure what this flower is.

Seen in passing - or should I say "seen as it was passing".

Tidal pool??

Beach cleaning crew.

New piece of artwork up at
Shawnigan Coffee House.

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