July 3, 2017

Men's Walking Group

Good day for a leisurely stroll up Cobble Hill Mountain.  Under the trees most of the time so not too hot.  Sunshine as we enjoyed the views from the top.  Very enjoyable hike.  --  DeNNis.

Parked the cars at Cobble Hill off-leash dog park (right).  Follow the convoluted "yellow-brick road" in a counter-clockwise direction (if you can).  Starting elevation about 100 meters - Cobble Hill summit about 320 meters.  The switchback trails make for an easier ascent.

Wet coast forest - lots of big green trees - lots of moss.

Lots of new growth from old-growth

Lots of interesting fungi.

Natural arch over the trail.

The final steep stretch before the top of the mountain.

Looking east from 1st viewpoint - the narrow line just to the right of center is Hutchison Rd.

Cobble Hill village.

Lots of Arbutus on top of the mountain.

Looking north from 2nd viewpoint - enjoying the same view
as the eagle soaring about.

A turkey vulture watches over the fledgling eagles testing their wings.

Lovely views from the mountain top.

We will skip this route.

Millions of ferns all through the woods.

The water tower tells us we are just about at the bottom.

Someone got creative with some rock work.

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