June 20, 2017

Men's Walking Group

The weather warmed up for a pleasant walk around the Mill Bay, Mill Springs and Deer Park vicinities.  Lots of photo ops, especially nature ones.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

We parked behind Serious Coffee (top right) and did a counter-clockwise loop as shown.  Most of
the street names are readable on the map.  Finished with an enjoyable coffee at Serious Coffee.


California Lilac in full bloom.

Black Locust trees on Partridge Rd.

John H., being from Alberta, always gets excited about snow
of any kind.

He must be frightened - his tail hair is standing on end.

I'll just go a little further up and maybe they won't see me.

Don't move and nobody will notice me.

Different looking fungi growing here.

Big Leaf Maple starting from an old stump.


White foxglove?

Another Arbutus finding its way through the forest.

Home gas.

California Poppies.

Water wheel at Deer Park - Mill Springs border.
My version of this same water wheel when I lived across
from it about  2004 and it was actually working.
(Can be seen on the Woodcarvers Quilt in the YSAG room.)

John C. on the workout bench.

Sign on the rear of the Serious Coffee building.

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