August 15, 2016

Men's Walking Group

Great workout for the 13 of us to trek up the mountain to Rat Lake followed by a Serious Coffee.  Next week plan is a walk around Kingzett Lake (aka the Quarry).   ---  Brook

Hot day for walking but we had shade for a lot of it and the company was good. Below is my map and some photos of our journey using a different approach to Rat Lake.   ---   DeNNis.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road from Serious Coffee (top right) up Benko Rd and off into the wilderness to Rat Lake and back down by the Mill Springs water tower to Frayne Road.

The weeds don't have a problem with water restrictions.

Nice shaded pathways for a lot of our walk.

Bridge strength test  -  about a TON of weight  here, literally.

Rat Lake is pretty much choked with Lily pads at this time of year.

And they are in bloom.

Lots of cones - dry weather causes
them to try and reproduce.

A few Mountain Ash with lots of berries.

The Mill Springs water tower.

The sign on the rear of Valley Vines to
Wines beside Serious Coffee.

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