August 1, 2016

Men's Walking Group

Great day for the 11 of us to walk 7Km on the trails behind the Legion.  Next week will be our road trip to walk around Duke Point with lunch at the Crow & Gate Pub.  --- Brook

Map from my Smartphone Tracker App

Below are a few photos from todays walk behind the Legion.  My GPS batteries died so no map from me.  A bit of shade in many areas made for a very comfortable stroll. --- DeNNis

A unique creation by some artsy person or persons.

A diversion from our usual route took us through some
abandoned "mountain bike skill testers".

Obviously not used for a long time.

A "Mother Nature Planter"  -  new growth in an
old stump.

Far away and blurry - wasn't even sure I got him in the lens.

Reflections in the water at William Rivers Park near Masons Store.

Some new art on the outside of Shawnigan Coffee House.

And of course a cup of brew before the last short leg back
to the Legion.

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