May 12, 2016

Mixed Walkers

Monday - May 9, 2016.

A long but fun and interesting day trip to Hornby Island for a walkabout.

Hope these photos do it justice.  --  DeNNis.

GPS map a little confusing. Started where "Parked Cars" -  missed return to cars shown as )))  (((.
Drove to "2nd Parking" to view Whaling Station Bay.  Did not walk on water as tide was out. 
Here comes the Ferry.
Ferry Dock Security Personnel.


Tailgate party time.
For us, too!

A lone pigeon looking for lunch.

Camus (?)

Is everyone present?
Beautiful scenery.

And lots of interesting rock formations.
Looks like Bigfoot was here.

Low tide - allowed us to walk on water.

More pretty flowers.

This house belonged to Errol Flynn, one of Hollywoods biggest actors in the '30s and '40s, known for his swashbuckling romantic roles.  He died in Vancouver, BC at age 50 in 1959.

This large carving can be seen hanging in the upper front window.
The house has sat empty for many years.

Checking out the interlopers.

Back at the Hornby Ferry Dock to head home.  More Security.

The Thatch Pub near the Hornby Island ferry dock.

There is a long drop at the end of this pier.

Ferry waiting  -  and enjoying the weather.

The first and last ferry  --  the Cable Ferry that runs between
Buckly Bay and Denman Island.    

Enjoying our Pub dinner at Montanas in Nanaimo on the way home.
(Sorry the photo quality is not great.)
The big picture.  Our walk covered about an inch on the right side of the map.

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