May 30, 2016

Men's Walking Group

It was a great day for a tough 7KM hike up to the Split Rock on Mount Tzouhalem.   Next week will be road trip for a 10KM walk without hills around Elk/Beaver Lake followed by Lunch at the Crooked Goose Bistro on corner of Wilkinson & Interurban Road.  ---  Brook


Perfect weather for a little climb up to "Split Rock" on Mt Tzouhalem today.  What more need I say?   ---   DeNNis.

Parked cars at Providence Farm (top left).  Stopped at the portable sawmill on the way back down for a little demonstration.  This map also shows the trail to the Tzouhalem Cross.

Providence Farm Tin Man.


Arriving at Split Rock.  It is easy to walk right past
as this large tree hides the split until you pass it.

You have to walk through single file.

Just room for one pair of feet at a time.

Looking through from the other side of the rock.



Time to go back now that we are all together again.

This rock looks like it could roll onto the path at any time.

The trail UP must go back DOWN.

The portable sawmill uses a band saw type blade.

The operator gives us a demonstration of the saw at work.
It makes a very clean straight cut.  The wood comes from
trees that were blown down.  Providence Farm will use the
lumber to make furniture, etc.

Looks like a bumper Blackberry crop coming up.


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