May 23, 2016

Men's Walking Group

Good 7KM walk for the 5 of us on the trail behind the Legion.  Next week plan is to hike up to the split rock on Mount Tzouhalem.  --- Brook


A little cooler today but nice walking weather.  An enjoyable walk behind the Legion with coffee at the Shawnigan Coffee House as we wound down.    ---    DeNNis.

Very messy map - a lot of older traces including "as the crow flies".  Stick to the Yellow Brick Rd in a counter clockwise direction from the Legion.

"Hurricane Hydro?"  Looks like Hydro has been clearing
their access roads.

Horses wondering where we have been  -  haven't done this
walk for quite some time.

Quite a few daisies.  Found this little critter on this one.

Also wild (Nootka Roses - according to "Plants of Coastal British

The Bee is back on the sign.

Always nice to see the old log fences.


Reflections at William Rivers Community Park.

Really - residents looking for privacy?

Beside Shawnigan Museum - a directional sign to
wherever you wish to go.

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