March 21, 2016

Men's Walking Group

My map and pics from our Fuller Lake area walk today.  Avoided the rain and had a pleasant stroll on some nice wide trails.   ---   DeNNis.

Follow the dotted portion of the Yellow line from where we parked by the Arena to the right and up around in a sort of figure 8 loop.  Hope the rest is self-explanatory. 

Nice wide trails, and reasonably level.

Obviously, no motorized vehicles allowed through here.

Looks like many trunks from
one tree root.

Even a bridge over the creek area.,

Unique bench - very nicely done.

A nice place to sit and admire the Rock Art.

A lot of this artsy moss on the trees.

Pastoral country side views.

Just about back to the cars after a not too long
or strenuous journey.

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