March 14, 2016

Men's Walking Group

A winding stroll through the Mill Springs development today.  Looks like it's not ready to stop growing for a while yet.  The weather and company were good as usual.   ---   DeNNis.

My maps are getting pretty busy - the lighter brownish lines are traces from previous walks.
Parked near Tim Hortons - walked down Lodgepole Rd and wound through Mill Springs,
ending up at Tim's for coffee.

Obviously Big Foot was ahead of us.  ------------      He didn't get the owl though.

Another unit starting. Pretty complex foundation - could be interesting when done.

More area being cleared for future lots.

Quail in a quandary - quickly retreating.

Spring has sprung - The grass has riz
Were wondering where the sunshine is.

We can see where the snow is - looks pretty fresh (like overnight).

So what are we to believe??

The dampness makes for interesting fungi and a fresh crop of Skunk Cabbage.

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