March 7, 2016

Men's Walking Group

Lucked out with the weather for a nice stroll along the shoreline for our Duke-Jack Point walk.  Yellow brick road shows our route quite clearly, I think.

Also a couple of Heron Rookery shots from last weeks Cow Bay outing.  --  DeNNis.

Parked vehicles in lot (bottom right), followed trail to point and return.

Our usual greeter meets us at the trailhead,
umbrella in hand - just in case.

Start with a little staircase climb just to get warmed up.

Faux petroglyph still looking good.

Now we know why they are called "ARTbutus" trees.

The keeper of the rock.

Just in case we were getting cooled off too much.

Gabriola ferry??

The "Coastal Inspiration" leaves without us.

Jack Point Light.

Duke Point Ferry dock - just vacated by the Coastal Inspiration.

Star Lilies - become their own umbrellas.
And with this weather comes the fungi.

From Cow Bay walk - lots of Heron nests.

But no young yet.

Preparing the "Nursery".

Also a few swans in the area.

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