July 9, 2015

Women's Walking Group

Thanks to Joan for text and photos for this weeks walk.
Was that a walk or Botany 101 ? Too bad if you missed it. Did you know that we have slender spire Orchids growing just behind the Legion along with both spotted and Western coralroots ? The rattlesnake plantains in the park across from the Legion are not quite ready to open so we will have to check on them again. Too bad the only Indian pipe we saw at Old Mill Park were totally dried up - probably from last year. Yes we did visit three different locales - that would average one per walker if we had each gone our own way. Oma's bakery treats were well received by all and we noticed some familiar looking men enjoying a rest there before we left. We are still walking at 9:30 monday morning - next week around St. John's neighbourhood.

bluebell or harebell

tall Oregon grape

unidentified evergreen

purple peavine

coralroot seedpods

smoky lake

dried Indian pipe stalks

slender spire orchid

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