July 20, 2015

Men's Walking Group

Nine of us today - walked from the shopping center to the Mill Bay Ferry and back - 10 km plus a bit.  No need for a map but will throw one in.  Coffee at the Shawnigan Coffee House afterwards.

No way to get lost on this map  -  there and back  - only one way.

Nice day to be on the water.

What is this??
Answer next week.

Turn-around point - some guys in a hurry for coffee - or they
didn't want to walk down and back UP the hill from the Ferry

Flowers in short supply right now.

See what I mean?

Apples - maybe in a month or two.

Canada Geese enjoying the water.

And some Kayakers.

Prime waterfront property - price probably negotiable.

Panorama from the Government wharf.

Good place to check out the view.

Back at the Shopping Center - time to head for the
Shawnigan Coffee House.

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