April 24, 2015

Women's Walking Group

Eight walkers went up Mt. Tzouhalem on different trails. Dianne walked an extra trail as she is practicing for the Grouse Grind in Vancouver. Great views from the top and many flowers to be seen.  Thank you to the drivers. (well, the ones that went the right way) Next monday the 27th. we will be at the Honeymoon Bay Wildflower Reserve, hoping to see many Pink Fawn Lillies. From there we will go to the Lake Cowichan Retirement Centre for our lunch. We are leaving the Legion one half hour earlier at 9:30 am.    vm
Some view from the top

Flowers - flowers  Everywhere !

A few of the walkers



A tiny butterfly is landing

Sea Blush

Broomrape, so called as it is parasitic to Scotch Broom. We need it !

Spring Gold

Chocolate Lily


"Lipstick" lichen on deadwood - almost as pretty as flowers
Keeping Dry

Pink Fawn Lily


Bleeding Heart

Ferns and Firs.

Yellow Violets

Indian Hellebore
Flower Directory

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