April 20, 2015

Men's Walking Group

Here is my take on a great walk down through the Cowichan Bay Estuary.  Lots of good company and the weather was great  --  almost hot enough to start complaining about the heat.

Lots of notes on here.  We parked across from the Lawn Tennis courts (top left) and were trying to find the new bridge that was put in a few months back.  Not what we expected, but we did find it.
                                                                                                                           --  DeNNis. 

A shot of most of the group from the
viewing tower.

The price is probably right for this beauty.

Looking out from the viewing tower.  Direction??

The opposite direction - probably southeast?  Unused Osprey platform on left.

Lots of blooming broom.

Tried to get some bird pictures, but most flew off before I was
ready --  but I beat this one to the draw!!

Can anyone tell how many swans are doing there preening
in this picture??

"I Otter check this old derelict boat out."

The fill for the road here was dredged out so the incoming tide could flow into the long
blocked area of the Estuary.  It is expected that this will rejuvenate this area.

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