April 27, 2015

Men's Walking Group

Below is my input from our Bright Angel Park visit today.  Lots of changes since last visit.  As usual, the weather co-operated and the company was good, but again, too many pics to choose from.  --  DeNNis.

Bright Angel parking lot in center.  Across the suspension bridge, down the opposite side of the river and back, a couple of loops and down to see the "Mystery House" (bottom right) and back before heading for our coffee.
The original sign still greets us.

Just thought this was interesting at the tree base.

Returning across the suspension bridge - everyone made it -

"but last one to cross becomes the donkey."

Gathered in the amphitheater for a photo-op.

The Amphitheater.

Lots of Trilliums.

And these guys.

Also Star or Fern Lillies.

Some of the "youngsters" require more exercise.

More flowers.

One horse quickly became three when they saw the offerings.

Saw a few lovely rhododendriums.

And some neat carvings.

If you trespass you are
locked in forever,
The "Mystery House" remains a mystery.

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