March 19, 2015

Women's Walking Group

This week our walk was at Bright Angel Park. The park has many improvements and is quite family friendly with children's play areas, picnic tables , and some camping. While wobbling across the bridge we saw that the river was high and flowing very fast. The Fawn Lilies and a few other wild flowers were seen.We then went on for 3.5 Km on park trails. Thank you to our drivers. Next week we are on the Trans Canada Trail starting at the McGee Creek sign. Meet at the Legion at 10 am. VM

Fallen tree decor

Many mossy covered trees

Oh what a tangled web we weave ..........

The mixed up stump

What are the markings in the water ?


Strange fungus

Get ready folks, here I come !

Fawn Lilies-In and out of  the sunshine

Lunch is served

Visitors to the playground

Lenora and Dianne share a bench, sort of ....

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