March 30, 2015

Men's Walking Group

The weather held and actually got better as we walked today - even got quite warm.  Below are my map and photos.   --   DeNNis.

Parked at the Mill Bay Petrocan.  Walked down to Whiskey Point Beach and back through Mill Bay Park, through the wet, soggy field behind Beehive campground then back to the cars.  Another great Monday stroll.
Down the stairway to Whiskey Point Beach.

Panorama across to Mill Bay from Whiskey Point Beach.

Brentwood College from Whiskey Point.

Mill Bay Marina from Whiskey Point.

Mother Nature doing her spring rejuvenation work.

We are being watched by a seal!

We WERE being watched  --  dramatic exit!!

Back up the stairway - off to Mill Bay Park.

Lovely Rhodo at entrance to Whiskey Point access.

Mill Bay Park - -  Just making sure we won't get lost.

Hope this isn't too much weight for the lookout platform.

One more bridge to cross.

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