November 3, 2014

Men's Walking Group

AGAIN -- We missed the rain!!  Another great hike - on Richards Trail.  Just a few photos. - DeNNis.

This map shows where we started on Richards Trail, and we did the loop clockwise from there. The double traces are because the GPS was on as we were driving to and from our start point.  The road across the bottom from Relke Rd to Bell McKinnon is Mays Rd.
Looking down on the "Tea Farm" which the Photo Group visited earlier in the year - the only one in Canada.

Looking for a couple of vehicles? - probably at a good price. Might be fun getting them out.

The signs contrast well with the Autumn leaves.

Unique architecture in this house.

NOTICE - The umbrellas are being used only as leaning posts.  We lucked out again.

A great area for a leisurely country stroll.

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