November 24, 2014

Men's Walking Group

Missed the rain again!!!  Pleasant walk through Manley Park and Patsy Granfield Memorial Trail (used to be Eves Trail??).  Here are my photos.  --  DeNNis.

Parked at Manley Park entrance, just beyond the Tank Farm - down lots of stairs to the Beach area, back up along Patsy Granfield Trail to Aros Rd, then Telegraph Rd and onto Hatch Point Rd across the end of the field and down Ratcliffe Rd back to the cars.

Not a lot of water in the creeks yet - remember the wash-out year??

Difficult to chose which part of the waterfalls  show.

Thought this tree made a good picture frame.

The Fuel Barge Dock.

Had to include this colourful residence.

Cobble Hill countryside.

This is about a quarter of the Canada Goose multitudes that were spread out all over the fields.

Mushrooms?  or  Toadstools?

THE END  --  Except for COFFEE!!

P.S.  The lettering on the trailer at the Tank Farm, WCMRC stands for Western Canada Marine Response Corporation.

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